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Our platform provides many types of training, videos, and materials. Our members have access to industry-leading information not available anywhere else.

Due to his lifetime of skill development and continual drive to be an industry leader, our Founder, Simon Singer, has received Lifetime Top of the Table and Forum 400 status. Members have direct access to his wealth of experience and knowledge.

By learning how to best conduct discovery interviews, how to pose questions using language that only the pros know, and how to understand the psychology of the engagement, our members are able to grow their practice under our guidance.


Reaching a targeted audience, whether that be current clients with life-changing circumstances or new prospects who may be full of questions, can be a daunting task.

We offer a fully automated marketing system that delivers prospecting campaigns that will engage prospective clients on levels that are light years ahead of existing product- and concept-driven campaigns. This system is a game-changer, revolutionizing the way a prospect engages with an advisor, and helps form strong relationships under optimal conditions.


We coach advisors on reaching their highest potential through proven practice-development strategies. Our philosophy of sound practice development is based upon the mastery of this fundamental concept: getting in front of the right kind of prospective clients and, once there, uncovering what it is they really want and showing them how we can attain it.


Networking with our members helps you become more visible to the right people and expands your support network. It’s a great way to discuss the new concepts, tools, and experiences that have been learned through our organization.

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