For most people, the Biggest Threat to their Financial Security is Taxes!

The Center for Tax, Strategies and Resources (“CTSR”) is a membership organization designed to stimulate understanding of and competence in advanced strategies, tools, and techniques.

The Center for Tax, Strategies and Resources was formed to provide training, mentoring, and marketing to our membership in ways that will help tax attorneys, CPAs, and financial advisors understand how the timing, combining, and sequencing of strategies create greater tax reductions. And, by doing this, you can develop exponential growth in “right fit” client opportunities.

Taxes are the largest expense that most people will have over their lifetime.  Whether it’s taxes on current income, investment assets, social security, or future retirement distributions, taxation is one subject that is on nearly everyone’s mind.

Being a member does not necessarily mean you have to move any of your contracts. CTSR is not an IMO or FMO.

A few of The Programs Available to CTSR Members

Coaching Calls w/ Founder, Simon Singer

Spend an hour each month with Simon Singer, lifetime Top of the Table, on the topic of your choice – from a specific case to how to improve your practice income.

Business Succession

For business owners, Exit Planning is an important part of their retirement and estate planning. Do I want to sell inside my company, to my children, or to an outside suitor? What do I do in order to increase the value of my company, reduce my tax upon sale, and increase the amount of spendable cash flow I receive?

Centers of Influence Program

Ever wonder how to work with attorneys, CPAs, or other financial advisors? Every second Wednesday of the month, we have an Advanced Case Study Roundtable where you invite professional advisors to your office and host the ACSR. We provide you with a marketing flyer (to be used after speaking to the advisor), explain how to set up your hosting location, provide a customized registration landing page, a confirmation email along with three reminder emails, and then a survey after the ACSR. Note: to be a host requires a two-day training program.

Discovery Done Right

Numbers on a page are a small part of true discovery – questions that lead to questions, that lead to client insights are the key – watch your close ratio dramatically increase.

Seminar Marketing Programs

All the tools you need to conduct a seminar (live or virtually), scripting custom invitations, professionally designed handout materials, custom advisor positioning pieces, and full training and coaching on the presentation itself. Topics of the seminar program include Tax-Free Retirement, Truth About Annuities, and Principles of Retirement Planning.

“When it comes to optimizing business development opportunities through producer collaboration, nothing else comes close to this in our industry!”
– Simon Singer, Founder

Superstar Faculty Members

Tax Attorneys



Practice Income Growth Opportunity

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