Audio & Visual Release

Standard Audio & Visual Release
Standard Terms & Other Conditions for

The Center for Tax, Strategies & Resources, LLC’s
Enhanced Strategies Academy

This Event Will Be Recorded

I hereby grant the Center for Tax, Strategies & Resources, LLC (“CENTER”), the irrevocable and express consent to use my name, image, likeness, voice, photo, expression, and any other mode of identifying me (“Publicity Rights”), as captured or edited, recorded and rendered in any format, including but not limited to audio, visual, or printed medium, or expressed through any form of technology, now known or later developed. I further grant to CENTER permission to use the above for any purposes it desires.

I agree that CENTER owns 100% of all rights, title to, and interest in any derivative product, which results from the Center for Tax, Strategies & Resources’ Enhanced Strategies Academy (“CENTER Academy”) and shall have the right to transfer, sell, license, or assign those rights at its discretion. I understand that I am not entitled to, nor will I receive any compensation for the use of my Publicity Rights.

Disclaimer and Standard Terms

I acknowledge and agree that nothing in this agreement or any other written or oral communication relating to the CENTER Academy, or any materials promulgated or distributed with respect thereto constitute a representation or guarantee. The CENTER Academy is performed by CENTER as an education event for participants, and no representation or warranty of any kind regarding specific or general benefits, monetary or otherwise, was or has been made by the CENTER and/or its presenters, agents, or employees. I acknowledge that the CENTER, in whole or in part, is not responsible for my business success or failure, for my acts of commission or omission as related to my participation in the CENTER Academy, or the appropriateness of my business decisions.

If I do not agree with the terms and conditions of this agreement, I am free not to attend the CENTER Academy.

I hereby release the CENTER from any and all liability, and I further agree and covenant that I will not contact any governmental agency, nor sue the CENTER or its affiliates, lawyers, subsidiaries, presenters, or partners on account of any claim or cause of action in connection with the CENTER Academy and, in no event, shall the CENTER or its affiliates, lawyers, subsidiaries, presenters, or partners, be liable for any compensatory, punitive damages, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever.

I hereby agree to and do indemnify the CENTER and the CENTER Academy, each of them, harmless from, and will defend them against any and all claims, judgments, liabilities, expenses and damages (including attorney’s fees and costs) arising out of or in connection with any breach by CENTER of its obligations, agreements or covenants hereunder, and any acts or omissions by the CENTER, its agents, representatives and employees whatsoever. Any and all claims and actions arising out of the CENTER Academy, this agreement, or any communication disseminated relating to the CENTER Academy or any of its component parts, shall be exclusively arbitrated in Clark County, in the State of Nevada, in accordance with the then prevailing Rules & Regulations of the American Arbitration Association, which proceedings shall be final and binding, and strictly confidential. Neither the existence of such proceedings, or the results thereof, shall be disclosed to any third party, unless expressly required by law.

By marking the terms and conditions button, I represent and warrant that I am fully competent to enter into this agreement, have voluntarily done so, have carefully read and understand the terms of this release and disclaimer, and have had an opportunity to ask questions before executing this agreement.

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